WALTER KRATNER // WERKBUCH 6 // “Homeless” (2002)

Djerassi Resident Artists Program, San Francisco // Executive Director: Judy Freeland

September, October 2002 // San Francisco, Woodside, CA

Walter Kratner worked in the Djerassi-Program 2002 for a limited selection of usual material – ropes, sickles, nails, wood, felt and burned bread. He arranged and rearranged the objects in different variations on the wall and on the floor to explore elemental forces (pressure, counter weight, decay, etc). These archaic constructions reflect the current social and political situation.

Project-Work: “homeless”

A modern tent is used as an example for perfect technical design of our time. Produced for holydays in the mountains or at the sea, the tent is used very often from the homeless in the streets of San Francisco as a shelter. In the context of the artwork Walter Kratner wanted to show the real dimension of living (space and behaviour). Fixed by massive fastenings with hemp ropes on the wall (as the drawing at the end of the film shows) it doesn’t allow the person (habitant) to sleep, but only to stand up. The installation should give the sense of „sleepless“. (Pressrelease)

Video, Videografik: Masoud Razavy Pour // Scan: Harald Polt


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